Is 7 Things for Nick?

So, if your like us, you’ve read the “Thank You” section in Miley CyrusBreakout album booklet.

And at the very end of her “Thank You” message, Miley says:

“And last but not least, my prince charming… You know who you are. Thank you for inspiring me for this record. I loved you then. I love you now, & I’ll love you always.”

Hmmm…we wonder who that is about??? But, many sources are saying that it could very well be about Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

Also, Miley’s BFF Mandy Jiroux confirms to BOP AND TigerBeat magazine that “7 Things” is about Nick.

WOW…We knew it. Miley is a kinda bad at keeping secrets….lol. )


July 31, 2008. Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas, Relationships.


  1. miey rockz=] replied:

    i do think 7 things is about nick jonas cause on the video and she says ” your taking 7 steps from here” she holds a picture and its of her and someone with curly hair and nick has curly hair and his face has a silly face covering it so yea i think it is too

  2. Melinda replied:

    i´am a big fan to nick jonas!
    i love him so,so much!
    but i´am a big fan to miley too!

    love yaa!

  3. steffie replied:

    nick is zo hot love him ❤ mi room is ol ting of him love you nick ❤

  4. alaina replied:

    I love nick jonas so much he is the best but i’m not that big of a fan of miley cyrus because its about time for her to get over nick jonas and move on with her life and stop singing songs about him she has a boyfriend now thats really good looking and nick has selena gomez so leave the guy alone and stop making him feel like he is doing somthing wrong when he’s not.

  5. america replied:

    yo creo q nick y miley asen muy bonita pareja y deberian estar jutos esa maldita selena gomez q se pudra no deberia estarse inponiendo entre los dos yo lo digo
    solo ellos conocenel amor

  6. fer y pame replied:

    Miley is very very very very very stupid

  7. daniel replied:

    Estoy d acuerdo con fer y pame miley es una estupida porque NICK la dejo

  8. DANIEL replied:

    Hacen mejor pareja Nick y Selena por que miley es una ESTUPIDA y no merece a NICK que se ve super buena nota y ella no canta nada

  9. fer replied:

    ps asi de facil y cencillo nick es muxo muxo para miley y es un estupida
    wueno nick te amoo muxo muuuuuuxooooooo

  10. nina bautista replied:


  11. digna areli replied:

    que son los mejores del mundo

  12. rachel replied:

    Nick Jonas Is SOOOOOOOOOOO cute! I am a HUGE fan! And #1 fan like totally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so peace out

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