Selena Gomez & Nick Jonas: Cody Linley confirms they’re dating!!!

Disney actor Cody Linley, who played Miley Cyrus‘ love interest on her show Hannah Montana, has confirmed that Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas are dating!!!!

WOW…This is crazy, because Nick and Selena both denied the rumors!

He also stated that Miley and Nick were a couple, but their totally over now.

Cody dished to 4TNZ: “I don’t know how Miley is handling things. But, Nick and Miley are over. It’s only natural that he has another girlfriend now.”

So, do you think Selena and Nick will ever come out anytime soon and admit they’re dating???

They make the most cutest couple ever!!! )


July 31, 2008. Nick Jonas, Relationships, Selena Gomez.


  1. ... replied:

    i WANT them to date.
    selena is great for nick
    and nick is great for selena.
    selena is way better than miley for nick!
    i really hope they’re dating cuz they’re really cute together.!!!

  2. tiffany replied:

    they are perfect for each other they are the cutest couple miley and nick didn’t look right fo9r each other
    selena L3’s Nick L3’s selena

  3. yojan replied:

    que lindo esta nic es un papasote

  4. angelaa replied:

    oeee aii nick se vee triste mejor se veia con miley parece k selena no le gusta jajajajajaaja

    se ve deprimidoo
    no seas tonto rekupera a miley ella si es bonita

  5. reba replied:

    i am reba mcantire.

  6. TINkERBELL replied:

    they should go out they make the cutest couple ever! I’m glad miley and nick are over now.cause i think nick deserves the best and selena is so the best ever she can sing,dance, and she’s pretty.

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