More Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale Hot Elle Photo Shoot Pictures

Hey guys, here are some more pics from Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale in Their Hot Elle Photo shoot!






August 29, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. victoria elena replied:

    hello vanessa and zack i love you

  2. VAl replied:

    Who is Zac dateing hes with 3 girl you better get the truth out because people wont like Zac at all I know Because I’m a person.

  3. JAZ lOvEs YaY replied:

    HoT HoT HoT tHoSe ThReE aRe So HoT i CaNt WiAt TiLl HiGh ScHoOl MuSiCaL tHrEe CoMeS oUt PEACE OUT


  4. Andrew Seeley replied:

    Ashley is totally hot.I really loved this girl she blow them away.!!!! No Doubt Zac and I choses her over Vanessa!

  5. Justine Timberlake replied:

    I love you Ashley Tisale you rockzz!! Can you be my girl?? you make me sweat!

  6. Joanna Ambrosio replied:

    Ashley Tisdale Brings life to High School Musical 3 love you Ashley lav yah!!! peace on! break a leg!

  7. Raven replied:


  8. Kenny Ortega replied:

    All people know that Ashley Tisdale is Zac Efron true love .Vanessa is just a dump.A slutty girl thats there when he needs to get through….ayt?

  9. Simon Cowell replied:


  10. kanahne replied:


  11. aleyna replied:

    çoooooooook güzel ben vanessa hudgens ashley tisdale onları çoook seviyorum

  12. Ashley replied:

    i love ashley and everything.. but i don’t think her and zac look that cute togetha. Whether or not vanessa is a slut is up to you, i don’t think she is, but whatever. and i think zanessa is really cute. but that’s my opinion. 🙂


  13. kellie replied:

    vanessa not ashley

  14. jams replied:

    I lavo you zacccc………………. xD xD xD xD xD

  15. Lauren replied:

    vanesa and zac belong TOGETHER!

  16. lauren replied:

    Zac and vanessa 4ever

  17. Blane replied:

    I love the second and the fourth pictures… Ahley Tisdale is just tooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous!!!!

  18. safaa ilias replied:

    hi zac and vanessa il my syou i love you saw match

  19. burcu replied:

    vanessa hudgens macht sehr geil mit zak sex sogar sehr geil kommt mcht sex sex sex

  20. zac efron replied:

    hey guys.
    thanks for the comments its really nice but i love vanessa more ashley and i our just best friends!!

  21. dafina replied:

    I love You zac and Vanessa hudgens you are my Favorite actor <33333

  22. Zaynab replied:

    no way, zac should pic ashley over vanessa. ashley looks fabulous on the second pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. missy replied:

    The couple the most cutest of the world…..:zac&ashley

  24. Tanya replied:

    soo sweet<3

  25. Jenny replied:

    i love that:**

  26. lessie replied:

    i think zac and vanessa perfect!but ashley is so beatiful

  27. valeria replied:

    hi guys i love you verry much and you rock
    i love zac vanessa and ashley

  28. Vanessa Love Zac replied:

    Ashley, Zac and I are so beautiful in these pictures … I welcome all of our fans … High School Musical is the best thing happened to me in my life!! Love your Vanessa!

  29. Heidi replied:

    Zanessa forever…Zac is HOT and Vanessa is STUNNING <—– wish i looked as pretty as she does…its effortless! XxX

    (Ashley is very pretty too, has to be said!)

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