Miley Cyrus Flirting with Jason Gaston of “Nashville Star”

The Hannah Montana actress, Miley Cyrus, was spotted hanging around with Nashville Star’s Justin Gatson, a couple days ago.

The two were spotted with Miley’s family while they were headed to the Cheesecake Factory in Los Angeles, CA.

And recently reported boyfriend, Cody Linley, keeps denying rumors that him and Miley are dating.

But what do you guys think about that???

Even if Miley isn’t dating him…it’s very obvious to see that she is flirting (a lot) with him. She’s touching his abs, and she’s in more photos with him than she was with her family on that day.



September 16, 2008. Tags: , , , . Hotgossiper's Weblog.


  1. Jason replied:


  2. miley cyrus replied:

    hi dudes it’s me miley cyrus and my e-mail is : ok so add me o and i like to say that this boy is my boyfriend ok bye! !_! – miley

  3. Holly replied:

    ^– ‘it’s me miley’ … yeahh right!

  4. lali replied:


  5. Ma3od replied:

    all of you Miley Cyrus please do not lie
    Miley Cyrus will not put her E.mail and says: I’m Miley Cyrus
    I repeat again and do not lie

  6. Miley Cyrus replied:

    hey y’all this is Miley Cyrus, i’m a hooker & like it up the ass!

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