Who’s Hotter? Zac Efron vs. Chace Crawford

Two of Hollywood’s youngest hotties of today, Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl, and Zac Efron from High School Musical 2, have been making everyone go crazy for them lately.

Who do you think is hotter???

September 27, 2008. Hotgossiper's Weblog.


  1. Rommy replied:

    I think Chace is way bettterr!! wooohoooo lol. Obviosuly he isssss, but zac isnt bad ither but just not my cup of tea. My little cousin is here next to me and shes obsessed with zac effron lol so i guess its eaqul…i prefer chace and she prefers zac!

  2. Serena replied:

    omg chace crawford is the sexiest person alive! zac is pretty amazin also but chace is wayy more sophisticated and older. plus gossip girl is ten trillion times better than high school musical, considering gossip girl is my all time favorite show, and high school musical happens to be my least fav movie of all time.

  3. sophiee replied:

    chaces d1 sexist man zac efron luks like silly ihate him

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