David Archuleta’s New Album Cover!

Here is American Idol runner-up, David Archuleta’s new album cover.

We are definitely not liking this cover…it’s too plain. Plus, it looks like someone just snapped a shot of him, and called it a day.

But regardless, we love “Crush,” and cannot wait to hear the rest of his album!

David Archuleta is due out in November 2008 (via 19 Recordings).

September 27, 2008. Tags: , , . Hotgossiper's Weblog.


  1. central80 replied:

    As much as it may be painful for some fans to see this more serious side of David, it is the natural progression from the cute little Idol kid into the young man – and serious musical artist that he truly is. There are many facets to David, and this, IMO, is the most honest representation I’ve seen… the youthfulness is juxtaposed with the budding maturity of a stunningly handsome young man… He’s growing up, and he’s wearing it well.

  2. ArchAngel22 replied:

    I like the album cover. It looks like David definately has something important to say, and to take notice. Not only that, but I love how the I and the T are extended lines, because David is def. “IT”!

  3. karenkid replied:

    I love the cover picture! Just sayin’. David is shot looking strong, serious and mature. I know he’s ready to take on the music world and he will need to be a serious artist to do that. I’m so happy they chose a picture that didn’t try to explain who he is – I want people to wonder and buy his album to find out!

  4. vickyvicks0 replied:

    I like it!
    A LOT!
    to me it says.. I’m a serious musician
    rather than… HEY im cute buy my album!

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