Suri Cruise Lonely Life


Suri Cruise, who plays with baby doll that is eerily similar to the one that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is always toting around, was photographed with her doll. Enter rumors and speculation that the girl is abused. She is always dripping in Burberry and has an army Scientology children at her command.

According to Star Magazine she is not aloud to play with other kids.

“Suri is rarely around children her own age because, a source explains, Tom’s very picky about other people’s kids.

“It’s really sad,” adds another source. “You can see how much Suri longs for someone to play with.”

On the rare occasions when she is around children her own age, Suri doesn’t know how to act. “She does not interact well with them at all,” reveals a source. “She doesn’t like to share because she doesn’t know how to — she never has anyone to share with!”

Geee…a little who doesn’t want to share? Shocking! Seriously, “The Secrets She Tells Her Dolls” probably involve daddy’s special friends who come over and dance around with glow-sticks.


September 28, 2008. Tags: , . Hotgossiper's Weblog.

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