Vanessa Hudgens Caught Lip Syncing

One of our favorite Disney girls, Vanessa Hudgens, was spotted on her “Identified” summer tour lip-synching to one of her new songs “Hook It Up,” off of her latest album Identified.

Even though it looks like she’s lip-synching through the whole performance, you can see it really good around 1:17, when she puts down the microphone, and the music and “recorded” singing is still going on.

Why do singers lip-synch!!?? It’s so annoying

People pay to watch a live performance, not someone acting out the lyrics to a song on stage!


September 28, 2008. Tags: . Hotgossiper's Weblog.

One Comment

  1. dannielle replied:

    hey othought that you were really gd but i still think so so y do lip singing

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