Miley Cyrus thinks Family is important

miley-cyrus-family-3308-5.jpg There really are a lot of women in Miley Cyrus’s family. Miley and her female relations headed out to church on Sunday morning and then to a nearby nail salon for a little pampering. I wonder what Dad Billy Ray Cyrus thinks of all this estrogen in one place!


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  1. Becky replied:

    What miles does is her much as i luv billy ray(seriously)he should let go&realize shes growin up.try n focus on the youngest of the cyrus clan.just stand by n wait til she needs ur shoulder again dad. They need 2 make their own mistakes in life n learn from them.

  2. zahraa replied:

    i love Miley Cyrus !!
    and i just wanna ask!! umm how come ur going out with a 20 year old, u were such a gr8 couple with Nick Jonas!! he is soo fit!!
    lool!! anyways i am a big fan of Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas!!
    Miley cyrus is veryy beautiful!!
    love u xxxx

    • charli replied:

      i love u miley i wish u were my sister so can teech me love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love u loadddddddddddddddddddddddddddsssssssssssssssssssss

  3. zahraa replied:

    i am such a huge fan of miley cyrus!!
    i just wanna become like you miley! u r an amazing actress love u loaaaaaaads!!
    i am a hugeee fan plz add me on my email to chat or somthing my email is kk thx alot bye hope we talk sometime!

  4. ffion replied:

    hate ya

    • Courtney replied:

      well i love u miles u rock u r my total roll model u so beautiful i really want 2 see u in person one day i think im ur biggest fan in the universe LOVE YAL 🙂

    • Jessiac replied:

      you are ssoooooooooooo right
      we hate yaaaa
      i am so glad ur record lable DUMPED U U LOSER
      PIGyum yum with ham ohhh
      thats wat u will be when i see u

  5. camrynn replied:

    jai ho

  6. haily replied:

    i love miley cyrus she is like my insperation ilove you!x

  7. haily replied:

    i mean who dosent love miley cyrus i do she rocks!!

    • Courtney replied:

      total agree Miley u ROCK

  8. nayly replied:

    i love miley cyrus she is awsome! she is like my inspration (nay thats me)

  9. haily replied:

    woo im crazy for miley cyrus xxxxxxxxxx i love you miley

  10. haily replied:

    buses rule lol i love miley cyrusxxxxxxxxxx

  11. angie uvaldo replied:

    i love that you go to church with your family.I go to church with my mom and dad.I like that you spend time with your family .I do to and my is huge but, I still spend time with them. You are just like a normal person.

  12. angie uvaldo replied:

    your awsome at least i am going to one of your concerts.

    you rock miley

  13. rosie replied:

    i love the jonas brothers and their here hit series JONAS which came in 2009 if you didnt know and i love miley shes so preety and they both have a new track miley has hanna montana 3 and the jonas brothers have lines vines and thrine times i love the jonas brothers song PARANOID AND WORLD WAR 3!! i cant stop lisneing to it ! I LOVE U JONAS BROTHERS!

  14. ilyas boukhriss replied:

    hello Hello!
    I love miley cyruz

    At night
    Dream about it. Collapsed in the imagined

    And know-mail me at Phil Brady

  15. nikki replied:

    hey! miley i love you so much its so cool that you and your family go to church. and you know i’ve watch hannah montana the movie and it was beyond terrific you are really a good actress miley.

  16. Daniel replied:

    i love miley cyrus i want to get in the bed wit her step aside nick jonas another man is about to take over that means you to jason!!!

  17. Madi replied:

    Dear Miley u r the coolist girl i c u alot and me and my 3 year old sister adore u and noah u guys r so cute 2gether how old r u and noah?? and email me back @

  18. elisha replied:


    • Aimee stevenson replied:

      i was at your conserd at manger it was so cool
      i wish me and your sisters could
      be friends because when i be looking at her i be thinking could i be her friend

  19. bay replied:

    hey you need to get more active. p.s not to be mean but ya

  20. fathmath s replied:

    Great! They all look like a nice and peaceful loving family

  21. HH replied:


  22. Alisha replied:

    hey, i wish i was famous. i wanna be a singer, actress or a tennis player when i grow up!Are you ever gonna do a concert in Australia, Queensland!if u are doing a concert in Queensland please tell me my email address is bye xoxo

  23. Alisha replied:

    i really want to meet u i have lots of posters of you on my bedroom wall! bye xoxo

  24. Anabel replied:

    Miley i was ur biggest fan until yew became into caring @bout boys more than ur fanz!!!and the way u dress like a slut is that what u want ur fanz to think @bout yew?

  25. jakeup replied:

    u are fuckin hot would u marry me we can have kids o and by the way im 18 baby gurl come to my house in california!!!

  26. juste replied:

    i love her she is beautiful

  27. chaimae el kasmi replied:

    i love you miley evrey moroco love you iiiiiiiii llllllllllooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeee yyooooou mmmmmiiillllllleeeeyyyy.wooooooooooooooooo

  28. crystal replied:

    i love u miley imean hannah montana
    i love ur songs
    ur style
    ur dress
    ur hannah wig
    everything suites u
    u ing so nice
    and sure u r pretty ur the best
    and u rock

  29. bea replied:

    miley cyrus is the best!!!!!!!!! its just because i can relate to her in a lot of things………….. she is so sweet

  30. elianore replied:

    ilove you miley and im biiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggg fan ilove you for ever you and your family

  31. shreya replied:

    earlier i was your big fan but now you had become
    so glmourous earlier you were soooooooooo sweet
    why this change came in you?

  32. noonoo replied:

    i realy like u your the 10th best actress but i still adore you (not much) and by the way you care a lot about boyz than you do to your fanz (this anoyz) behave your self girl.

  33. kyla replied:

    i really want to meet you

  34. sherha sawadi replied:

    iluv u miley..!

  35. olivia replied:

    slt miley cyrus je ss une de t’es tres grande fans i love you.

  36. sama replied:

    hai my name is sama and im an huge fan of miley ray cyrus even though i hav putd my name wid her name in my e-mail id and i liv in india in tamil nadu and in a small town ambur no one knows even hannah montana here, only few of them my frnds know her my dream is 2 meet wid miley im jus 14 yrs old wat ever miley do, it wil b d right step atlist 2 me and i request 2 them who is spreading bad rumors abt her plzzz stop doing it…………

    • mahi replied:

      hey sama very gud n ya evn im 4m india bt 4m hyderabad,ap bt d thing is im a tamil gal neways felt proud of u dear

  37. mahi replied:

    hey miley hai………………… dis is mahi 4m india pple here r crazy abt u baby im a gr8 fan of urs i jzzz luv u plzzz do cum to india my room is full of ur pics,posters n allllll i luv u miley n ya do cum to india k all d very bst 4 ur future

  38. PetrRinidraiz replied:

    Who is not hard to tell me how to set a bookmark in the profile , but what then e is obtained ?

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