Taylor Swift Prevents Teen Pregnancy

Taylor Swift somehow found the time in her hectic schedule to attend an event called “I Vow Not Now” that works to prevent diseases and complications from teen pregnancy.  The event was held at the Cipriani Restaurant last night in New York City, New York.  Also there was Ali Lohan and her “Mother of the Year” Dina Lohan.


October 29, 2008. Tags: , , , . Hotgossiper's Weblog.


  1. Hayden replied:

    If she was so against teen pregnancey then how come she got pregnant?

    not that i beleive the rumors,i luv taylor!

    • Becca k. replied:

      Hayden taylor is not pregnant if you dont believe me go to youtube and see the remark she made for your self!

  2. christian replied:

    can send me hot pic for you

  3. kacy replied:

    I luv Taylor and I think it’s great that she spend her time to go to that. I love u Taylor!!!!!! Keep rockin

  4. gustavo lozada giurfa replied:

    eres la mujer mas presiosa y encantadora de todo el mundo nunca mas podra nacer algien tan perfecta como tu pareses un angel tkm

    • britterz replied:

      wat language do you speek gustavo lozada qiurfa?

  5. Lauren replied:

    i love taylor swift!
    i think that it is awesome she spent her extra time on something so important!
    i luv you taylor

    me and my friend katey vowed if we ever meet the jonas brothers
    we r not getting joes autograph!

  6. caitlyn replied:

    Yay taylor,
    I love you, you are my favorate country and pop star ever! Do you think that you cound hook me up with some of you’r awsome concerts? E-mail me if you are going to hook me up with some tickets. If you are not going to hook me up with some tickets, just e-mail me antway to let me know that you read this.
    Luv ya lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Caitlyn replied:

    I so did not know that Taylor got pregnat. Did she really?

    • Becca k. replied:

      Caity you told me at school you knew. but anyway she is not

  8. caitlyn replied:

    I love you taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. heavenleigh olsen replied:

    why are you hating on taylor swift what did she do to you

  10. Becca k. replied:

    that is not my email address i will write my note on a seprate page in one second if this thing works

  11. Becca k. replied:

    Dear taylor swift i think you are a great singer and i just wanted to say your songs are helping me get through this stress and pain at the hospital.In my hospital room i have 20 dollars worth of posters and i am not kidding.you are a great roll model for me and my special needs brother.hopefully i get out this stupid hospital soon so i can go buy some more of your cd’s.I am going to have my mom fill out my wish papers so ican meet you, if you want to meet me. i think we have alot in common like i have a graet singing voice and so do you,i have pretty hair and so do you,i like a bunch of people visiting me and i think you do to.When i went to the hospital last time by hellocopter i listened to your song and i felt better i stayed in the hospital last time for 4 weeks but so far i have been in the hospital for 5 weeks and today is 5 weeks and one day.i hope i get to meet you taylor.-your #1 fan Becca and please dont feel sorry for me just be happy and write more songs.

  12. nour replied:

    I luve u tylor u rock my life kip going wish u luck

  13. britterz replied:

    taylor is awsome but who would think she was pregnet!

  14. mika replied:

    sister taylor is are beautiful

  15. Jacob replied:

    taylor swift u r so cool i love all of your songs plz write back

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