Hilary Duff leaves Hollywoods Records for Universal Music Group

It’s kind of sad to us, when we think of the Hilary Duff story.

How she was on top with her hit TV series Lizzie McGuire, and her first studio album, 2003’s Metamorphosis, which sold 8 million worldwide. Also, her self-titled sophomore album which went double platinum in 2004, and the Most Wanted CD in 2005, which went double platinum as well.

Followed by that were sold-out concert tours, DVD’s, and movies!

She signed with Disney’s Hollywood Records, and as we mentioned before, she recently departed from the record company.

We all know that her 2007 Dignity album didn’t sell well, but it was her BEST album to date! With awesome songs like “Stranger,” “With Love,” “No Work, All Play,” and much more! Even though it was a great album, Hollywood Records decided not to promote it as much, and its said that they wont be promoting her upcoming Best of Hilary Duff album.

Reasons for her leaving are rumored to be that Hollywood wants her to go back to her bubblegum-pop music (circa Metamorphosis), and she refused to. Plus, not giving her a Dignity Concert Tour DVD. And, her and the record label weren’t agree with each other.

So, to get to the MAIN POINT, Hilary is expected to release a new album, hopefully next year, and on Amazon.com, it says that her label is UMG (Universal Music Group).

We so hope this is true!!! We love Hilary Duff music! She is like the originator/Queen of Disney music!


November 10, 2008. Tags: , , . Hotgossiper's Weblog.

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