Hilary Duff leaves Hollywoods Records for Universal Music Group

It’s kind of sad to us, when we think of the Hilary Duff story.

How she was on top with her hit TV series Lizzie McGuire, and her first studio album, 2003’s Metamorphosis, which sold 8 million worldwide. Also, her self-titled sophomore album which went double platinum in 2004, and the Most Wanted CD in 2005, which went double platinum as well.

Followed by that were sold-out concert tours, DVD’s, and movies!

She signed with Disney’s Hollywood Records, and as we mentioned before, she recently departed from the record company.

We all know that her 2007 Dignity album didn’t sell well, but it was her BEST album to date! With awesome songs like “Stranger,” “With Love,” “No Work, All Play,” and much more! Even though it was a great album, Hollywood Records decided not to promote it as much, and its said that they wont be promoting her upcoming Best of Hilary Duff album.

Reasons for her leaving are rumored to be that Hollywood wants her to go back to her bubblegum-pop music (circa Metamorphosis), and she refused to. Plus, not giving her a Dignity Concert Tour DVD. And, her and the record label weren’t agree with each other.

So, to get to the MAIN POINT, Hilary is expected to release a new album, hopefully next year, and on Amazon.com, it says that her label is UMG (Universal Music Group).

We so hope this is true!!! We love Hilary Duff music! She is like the originator/Queen of Disney music!


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Britney Spears’ Circus Tracklist

Britney Spears‘ album “Circus” doesn’t drop until December 2, but the cover and tracklist are out. Yesterday we gave you the cover and now we’re giving you the tracklist.

1. Womanizer
2. Circus
3. Out From Under
4. Kill The Lights
5. Shattered Glass
6. If U Seek Amy
7. Unusual You
8. Blur
9. Mmm Papi
10. Mannequin
11. Lace and Leather
12. My Baby
Bonus Track:
13. Radar

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Britney Spears’ Circus Official Album Cover

Here is the official cover of Britney Spears new album cover Circus! It’s way better than that Blackout album cover.

The new album features her #1 hit single “Womanizer,” which is still in the Top 3 on iTunes!

Britney’s new album will be released in stores and online on December 2nd.

What do you guys think of the Circus cover???

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Ashley Tisdale: Buisness Woman

Dressing rather warmly for weather that’s in the 90’s Ashley Tisdale was spotted leaving the Margarita Mix Studios in Universal City, California on Wednesday after following a business meeting.

The young Disney star is looking to break into the music market with a second CD that is “more rock and edgier”.  The disc is looking to make it’s debut some time in February of 2009.

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Justin Gaston writes “Miss Swift” for Taylor Swift

We wonder how Miley’s taking this?

Seems like her boyfriend, Justin Gaston, wrote a song for country singer Taylor Swift!

The song is called “Miss Swift,” and he recently co-starred in her music video for “Love Story.” We wonder if there is a love triangle between the two.

Anyways, do you think Justin is a good singer???

We think he should stick to modeling!

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Miley Cyrus Releasing Breakout:Platinum Edition + Hannah Montana 3 TV Soundtrack

                                                                                  After the huge success of Miley Cyrus‘ sophomore album, Breakout, Hollywood Records will be releasing Breakout: Platinum Edition (CD/DVD) on November 18th

Also, the Hannah Montana 3 TV soundtrack will be released January 13, 2009.

Which CD are you more excited for???

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Disney “kicks out” Hayden Panettiere from “Disney’s Princess Disney Mania”

Walt Disney’s new album release, ‘Disney’s Princess Disney Mania‘ seems to have left off a certain song, performed by a certain someone (Hayden Panettiere), from the track listing.

1. Emily Osment – Once Upon A Dream
2. Demi Lovato – That’s How You Know
3. Ashley Tisdale – Some Day My Prince Will Come
4. Vanessa Hudgens – Colors Of The Wind
5. Christina Aguilera – Reflection
6. The Cheetah Girls – So This Is Love
7. Colbie Caillat – Kiss The Girl
8. Kari Kimmel – It’s Not Just Make Believe
9. Raven-Symone – Under The Sea
10. Jordan Pruitt – Ever Ever After
11. Keke Palmer – True To Your Heart
12. Amy Adams – Happy Working Song
13. Sierra Boggess as Ariel – Part Of Your World
14. Disney Channel Stars – A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

How could they!? Poor Hayden — and she JUST released the new video for it too!

Here’s “I Still Believe” performed by Hayden Panettiere from ‘Cinderella 3

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Ashley Tisdale Heading for the Music Studio

We cannot wait for Ashley Tisdale to finish recording her new album!

The singer/actress was spotted yesterday heading to the studio with her manager in Santa Monica, CA.

Her 2007 debut album Headstrong wasn’t a huge success, but it did get certified Gold by the RIAA.

And we have to agree, Ashley’s album was a little better than Vanessa HudgensV album.

Are you excited for Ashley’s comeback???

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David Archuleta’s New Album Cover!

Here is American Idol runner-up, David Archuleta’s new album cover.

We are definitely not liking this cover…it’s too plain. Plus, it looks like someone just snapped a shot of him, and called it a day.

But regardless, we love “Crush,” and cannot wait to hear the rest of his album!

David Archuleta is due out in November 2008 (via 19 Recordings).

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Britney Spears’ Album Plus Spears Family Reunited


Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears and momma Lynne Spears all got together for a photo op. It is like a Kodak moment of an after school special.


Jamie Lynn flew in for Brit’s boys birthdays. Sean Preston celebrated his 3rd birthday (September 14) in a joint party with little brother Jayden James who turned two on September 12th. They had a car themed party and were given a set of matching power wheels.

Britney Spears is also getting ready to celebrate her birthday with a new album. “Circus” will be available in stores on December 2nd. The first single is already entitled “Womanizer.”


Wow, Brit-Brit is so stealth. I am sure everyone is contacting their clairvoyant to try and figure out who inspired the track.

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Britney Spears Announces Her Next Album Realese!

Britney Spears‘ record label has announced that her next album will be released on her 27th birthday, December 2nd. Her 6th studio album will be called “Circus.”



Circus. The sad thing is… that title speaks truthfully about her life.

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Hotgossiper Presents: Top 3 (Downloadable)Songs of September!

Hey peeps, you guys didn’t actually think we’d forget, did you? Here are September’s top 3 downloadable songs!

“So What” cover 1. So What – P!nk  (DOWNLOAD)

The Fame cover2. Just Dance – Lady GaGa   (DOWNLOAD)

Welcome to the Dollhouse cover3.Damaged – Danity Kane (DOWNLOAD)

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New Music: Kanye West singing?

Kanye West’s arrest at LAX airport yesterday overshadow a major move in his career: on September 7, Kanye released the single “Love Lockdown,” his first all-singing, no rapping track.

“Love Lockdown” is expected to appear on Kanye’s upcoming disc, 808’s & Heartbreak, which will be released on December 16. Like the lead single, the entire album consists of Kanye singing with the aid of a studio device called an Auto-Tune.

Kanye performed “Love Lockdown” on the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, and the track leaked onto the internet a couple days later. The song sounded richer and more textured during Kanye’s VMA performance, which lead some to believe that the track leaked on the internet is the not the final version: perhaps more studio tweaking will be involved before the 808’s & Heartbreak hits record stores.

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Taylor Swift: New Albim Cover for “Fearless”

Here is the official album cover for country singer, Taylor Swift’s new sophomore album, Fearless.

The album is set to be released November 11 (via Big Machine Records).

The new album will feature 13 brand-new tracks! Including her latest release “Changes,” which was released for the 2008 Olympics. Also, “Breathe,” which is a collaboration between Taylor and one of her BFF’s Colbie Caillat (”Bubbly”).

We cannot wait to pick up Taylor’s new CD!!! D

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New American Idol Judge:Kara DioGuardi!


Paula Abdul has gone a little crazy now. Now, she has someone to help baby sit her and explain that they can’t interrupt live tv so she can go get some French toast. Kara DioGuardi has joined the judges panel for American Idol. She will be a part of everything from the tryouts to the final show.

Paula spoke with John Jay and Rich on their radio show this morning. Of course she was tanked and stumbling over words. When asked about the addition to the judges table she rambled off some PC rehearsed answers stating how this is going to be a great dynamic. Then she lets her unrehearsed dialogue spew out.

“I am concerned about the audience and acceptance and uh…we’ll see. It takes the fun out of all the hard work I do to try and get these kids through.”

She’s not happy about this because she is still trying to score her some Simon and now she has a replacement lined up who is sober. This news also spreads that rumor. Abdul is said to be on her way out as a judge for Idol.

Don’t know who Kara DioGuardi is? I bet you know some of the music she worked on. Take a look. It might take a while to read it all.



 Kylie Minogue – Light Years

  • 01. “Spinning Around”


 Ricky Martin – Sound Loaded

  • 09. “One Night Man”




Jessica Simpson – Irresistible

  • 02. “A Little Bit”



 Kylie Minogue – Fever

  • 00. “Good Like That”


 Enrique Iglesias – Escape

  • 01. “Escape”
  • 02. “Don’t Turn Off The Lights”
  • 05. “I Will Survive”
  • 06. “Love 4 Fun”
  • 07. “Maybe”




 Celine Dion – A New Day Has Come

  • 02. “Right in Front of You”







  Hilary Duff – Metamorphosis

  • 02. “Come Clean”


 Celine Dion – One Heart

  • 05. “One Heart”
  • 08. “Sorry for Love”


 Rachel Stevens – Funky Dory

  • 00. “Queen”


 Clay Aiken – Measure of a Man

  • 03. “The Way”


 Britney Spears – In the Zone

  • 11. “Brave New Girl”





 Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten

  • 13. “Peace of Me”


 Raven-Symoné – This Is My Time

  • 02. “Backflip”


 Hilary Duff – Hilary Duff

  • 01. “Fly”
  • 02. “Do You Want Me?”
  • 06. “Underneath This Smile”
  • 09. “Shine”
  • 15. “Someone’s Watching over Me”


 Anastacia – Anastacia

  • 01. “Seasons Change”
  • 06. “I Do”
  • 07. “Welcome to My Truth”
  • 08. “Pretty Little Dum Dum”
  • 09. “Rearview”
  • 10. “Where Do I Belong”


 Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway

  • 05. “Gone”
  • 07. “Where Is Your Heart”
  • 08. “Walk Away”
  • 09. “You Found Me”
  • 10. “I Hate Myself for Losing You”



 Ashlee Simpson – Autobiography

  • 01. “Autobiography”
  • 02. “Pieces of Me”
  • 03. “Shadow”
  • 04. “La La”
  • 06. “Better Off”
  • 08. “Surrender”
  • 10. “Nothing New”


 Diana DeGarmo – Blue Skies

  • 02. “Blue Skies”
  • 04. “Then I Woke Up”
  • 07. “The Difference in Me”
  • 08. “Till You Want Me”
  • 10. “Boy Like You”
  • 11. “Dream, Dream, Dream”


 Gwen Stefani – Love. Angel. Music. Baby.

  • 02. “Rich Girl” (featuring Eve)


 Lindsay Lohan – Speak

  • 01. “First”
  • 02. “Nobody ‘Til You”
  • 04. “Speak”
  • 05. “Over”
  • 07. “Anything But Me”
  • 11. “Magnet”





Hilary Duff – Most Wanted

  • 15. “Supergirl”




Ashlee Simpson – I Am Me

  • 01. “Boyfriend”
  • 02. “In Another Life”
  • 03. “Beautifully Broken”
  • 04. “L.O.V.E.”
  • 05. “Coming Back For More”
  • 06. “Dancing Alone”
  • 07. “Burnin Up”
  • 08. “Catch Me When I Fall”
  • 09. “I Am Me”
  • 10. “Eyes Wide Open”
  • 11. “Say Goodbye”



 Pussycat Dolls – PCD

  • 02. “Beep” (featuring Will.i.am)
  • 06. “I Don’t Need a Man”
  • 00. “Flirt”


Bo Bice – The Real Thing

  • 01. “The Real Thing”
  • 06. “Remember Me”
  • 09. “It’s My Life”


Santana – All That I Am

  • 03. “I’m Feeling You” (featuring Michelle Branch and The Wreckers)


 Kate DeAraugo – A Place I’ve Never Been

  • 06. “If This Is Love”





 P!nk – I’m Not Dead

  • 15. “Heartbreaker”


Jesse McCartney – Right Where You Want Me

  • 05. “Anybody”


 Paris Hilton – Paris

  • 04. “I Want You”
  • 05. “Jealousy”
  • 08. “Screwed”
  • 09. “Not Leaving without You”


 Christina Aguilera – Back to Basics

  • 01. “Intro (Back to Basics)”
  • 02. “Makes Me Wanna Pray”
  • 03. “Back in the Day”
  • 04. “Ain’t No Other Man”
  • 05. “Understand”
  • 06. “Slow Down Baby”
  • 07. “Oh Mother”
  • 08. “F.U.S.S.”
  • 09. “On Our Way”
  • 10. “Without You”
  • 11. “Still Dirrty”
  • 13. “Thank You (Dedication to Fans…)”


  Belinda – Utopía

  • 04. “Bella Traición”
  • 06. “Alguien Más”
  • 09. “Noche Cool”



 Eva Avila – Somewhere Else

  • 02. “Not So Different”





 Katharine McPhee – Katharine McPhee

  • 01. “Love Story”
  • 03. “Open Toes”
  • 04. “Home”
  • 05. “Not Ur Girl”
  • 06. “Each Other”
  • 08. “Ordinary World”
  • 11. “Neglected”


 Ashley Tisdale – Headstrong

  • 04. “Be Good to Me”
  • 08. “Love Me for Me”
  • 00. “Hurry Up”


Hilary Duff – Dignity

  • 01. “Stranger”
  • 02. “Dignity”
  • 03. “With Love”
  • 04. “Danger”
  • 06. “Never Stop”
  • 07. “No Work, All Play”
  • 08. “Between You and Me”
  • 09. “Dreamer”
  • 10. “Happy”
  • 11. “Burned”
  • 13. “I Wish”
  • 14. “Play with Fire”


 Suzie McNeil – Broken & Beautiful

  • 01. “Lonely (Are You Coming Home?)
  • 02. “Believe”
  • 10. “The One”


Avril Lavigne – The Best Damn Thing

  • 03. “Runaway”


 Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana – Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus

  • 01. “We Got the Party” (featuring Jonas Brothers)


 Puffy AmiYumi – Honeycreeper

  • 09. “Closet Full Of Love”


 Faith Hill – The Hits

  • 04. “Lost”


 Backstreet Boys – Unbreakable

  • 04. “Something That I Already Know”


 Britney Spears – Blackout

  • 05. “Heaven on Earth”
  • 10. “Ooh Ooh Baby”


 Celine Dion – Taking Chances

  • 01. “Taking Chances”
  • 06. “Surprise Surprise”


Leona Lewis – Spirit

  • 15. “Forgiveness”




 Jonas Brothers – Camp Rock

  • 02. “Play My Music”


 Denise Rosenthal – El Blog de la Feña

  • 10. “Bye Bye”
  • 11. “Déjate Llevar”


 Colby O’Donis – Colby O

  • 01. “What You Got” (featuring Akon)


 Ali Lohan – Ali Lohan’s forthcoming studio album

  • 00. “All the Way Around”
  • 00. “Close That Door”


 Diego Gonzalez – Indigo

  • 12. “Losing Me”




 Nicole Scherzinger – Her Name Is Nicole

  • 02. “Baby Love” (featuring Will.i.am)

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HSM3 “I Want It All” Video!

Hey guys,  Here is the official music video of the song “I Want It All” from HSM3 By Sharpay & Ryan. Enjoy 😛

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Britney & Justin are Back!

The long awaited reunion of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake has finally happened.


According to the NY Post, the guy who thinks he brought “Sexy Back” (when did it leave?) and Britney were supposed to record a duet on last year’s “Blackout” album. However, Britney had her little breakdown of head shaving and locking herself in the bathroom, with that crazy weave, while running around with that Sam Lufti freak. She failed to show up at the studio for the recording session at Justin’s Virginia Beach recording studio for collaboration.

This time, Spears was present and was even photographed leaving the Conway Studios where the rumored duet took place. Lynne Spears was following her daughter out of the studio and both looked pleased.

Timberlake and Spears were once a red hot item, but broke up in 2002 when the reports of cheating surfaced. Brit was accused of cheating with her choreographer and we all know how well that turned out for her.

Brit’s new album is due to spill on the air waves later this year.

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Demi’s Get Back Music Video!

Demi Lovato’s rockin’ new music video premiered after the premiere of The Cheetah Girls One World, and we loved the video!!!

“Get Back,” is her new music, and even though they edited the lyrics in the music video, it was still nice 🙂

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