iCarly beats out Spectacular & Dadnapped!!!!

Seems like no one can out shine the major success of Disney’s High School Musical. Nickelodeon’s new musicial Spectacular! was supposed to be huge for Nick, but, it didn’t turn out that way. The newest addition to Nick TV movies, only drew in 3.3 million viewers. But, on the positive tip, Spectacular! nearly doubled Nickelodeon’s average in the time period among tweens and boosted it by 59% among kids 6-11. On that same night (February 16th), Disney premiered their newest DCOM Dadnapped, starring Emily Osment and David Henrie, and that premiere drew in 4.6 million, beating out Spectacular! by 1.3 million more viewers. But both movie premieres lost up against teen heavyweight iCarly, which is a Nickelodeon Original Series. The new episode of iCarly, which starred internet sensation Fred Figglehorn, drew in over 5 million viewers!

 iCarly can’t be stopped!!!

 The series, and re-runs, even beat out the premiere of Demi Lovato’s new Disney series Sonny With a Chance, too! Which movie do U like better??? Spectacular! or Dadnapped???


February 25, 2009. Hotgossiper's Weblog. 1 comment.